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This is where the confusion can sometimes come in. Because these two are closely linked and similar there is a misconception that they are one and the same. This is not the case and in fact, you can deliver an entire SEO plan for your business and it may not include SEM. Conversely, if you develop and deliver an SEM plan, it by definition will be part of an overarching SEO plan.
SEM involves formal marketing campaigns and tactics which are performed on search engines. SEM – Search engine marketing is the method of marketing via search engines. This also involves tactics and it ensures that you are visible to those who are searching with keywords that are associated with your business brand.SEM can also help to influence your ranking on the search engines but it comes after SEO in terms of over-all ranking influence.
For example, pay per click and Good Adverts and Good AdWords.First of all in order to discuss how SEM and SEO are different, we must first define each of them. By defining these two terms it will be much easier to illustrate how they are different and how, as an online business owner, you need both to succeed online.
SEO – Search engine optimization. This is the method of using a variety of tactics to improve and influence your rankings on search engine results in a positive way so that your website appears near the top or at the top of the results page when a user performs a search which includes the keywords associated with your website and brand

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